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Jacket & Shirt By Zara / Pant By Zara / Boot By Vero Moda / Belt By Mission Belt

About this Belt : Colors: Black buckle. Black and white leather available
Sizes: S M L XL C*
Materials: 40 mm metallic buckle with acrylic finish.
1.5" genuine leather with synthetic coating.

*Mission Belts are made to be easily customized so if it's too big you can adjust it. Click here for more info


Visit Now : http://bit.ly/1tD5WyM


When we decided to update the belt and make the no-holes Mission Belt®, we knew we wanted to give something back with every belt. Now a DOLLAR from every belt goes towards helping people in their fight against hunger and poverty. We like to think of it as corporate responsibility to give something back to hard working individuals that simply need a hand up. Often times the DOLLAR that we pass on represents 20% or more of our profit and we are a for profit business, not a charity. 
Since inception we have sold thousands of Mission Belts and as a result, thousands of dollars have gone to help hard working people who need a hand up. There is more than enough for everyone. Thanks for being part of the Mission!

CONTACT ME : Nabilasserghine@gmail.com

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